As part of a larger award to CORMOSEA (Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia), the Henry Luce Foundation is supporting the U。大学 of Wisconsin-麦迪逊 Libraries to digitize the UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia) Radio Archive’s entire collection 的 paper transcripts. Adding this component to the existing audio sample in UW’s special SEAiT (Southeast Asian Images & Texts) project will provide open access to this unique resource for researchers and scholars around the world. Southeast Asian & Hmong Studies Bibliographer Larry Ashmun will oversee the project.


广播存档联柬机构(柬埔寨过渡时期联合国权力机构)是一个独特的收藏,这算是一个柬埔寨历史资源。收集功能在90年代初在柬埔寨民主过渡,在冷战结束后不久。联合国广播电台组织成立于1992年10月的节目开播于1992年9月,并在几十年之前,为了该国的第一次民主选举结束于1993年9月22日。收音机是为联柬机构非常有效的工具,在选举过程中传播信息,人权,以及全国各地的柬埔寨人民其他联柬机构的活动。包括收集约232个程序包括2,462 2113 DISTINCT纸质文件和录音带。该课程成绩单和其他基于文本的文档是英语,高棉语或/和法国,而磁带是在高棉除了一些访谈与非高棉扬声器。



美国威斯康星 - 麦迪逊大学图书馆存档

The UW Libraries were given the original 联柬机构广播存档 materials outright in 1993, as noted in correspondence involving the Associate Director for Collection Development and the South & Southeast Asian Studies Bibliographer. Of particular note, quoting from one of UNTAC’s letters to the UW, is the fact that the archive is “a complete history of not only the United Nations’ first peacekeeping radio station, but also 的 the UN-organized electorial process in Cambodia.”